Play Bodog cricket and win money .

Hii, Are you an IPl fan ? if yes, then I know you watch every match of ipl and do predict on every match. Sometimes you predict right ,sometimes you predict wrong . But the pleasure you get when your predictions go right is amazing. Right ?

Even I predict on every match and when my predictions goes right I feel happy.

Have you ever thought that if your prediction goes right then you can win prizes?yes, it’s true now we have very good news for you that in Bodog cricket app you can win so many prizes if your prediction goes right.


This is a great app which has a unique game plan .In this app you have to predict the right answer from 4 different answers. It is like the multiple choice Questions .Nowadays People are predicting about each team of Ipl. They are predicting about Every moment of ipl, The same Questions you can get to see in the multiple choice Questions of BoDOG like

  • which team will win today’s match?
  • which player will hit maximum sixes today?
  • How many wickets will fall in the 1st inning ?,
  • How many scores will this team make in powerplay?
  • how many wickets will fall during powerplay?

People love to predict about each over of the match and if their prediction goes right, They feel happy. But now if you predict the ipl match in the BODOG app and if your prediction goes right then you will get gift vouchers of upto 3 lakh rupees.

Yes, it’s true.

But here your prediction plays an important role. And if your prediction goes right then you get the points and Based on your points you will allocate the rank. And if you get a good rank you will get the prize.

Bodog cricket has weekly, daily and overall competition. In all the competition you can get prizes. Go download this app and pick the right answers and win vouchers upto 3 lakh.


I have secured 2 rank on April 12.

If I can secured 2nd rank then why not you can?

Here is the prize list.

Go download this app from playstore .

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