Why Everynew blogger should first focus on Readership than SEO.

A lot of bloggers nowadays when they start their blogging Journey they tend to focus on SEO that is Search engine optimization.

They just forget about how building a readership is so important in the starting of blogging journey. Well, it is as important as SEO.

Why readership is important?

1. The audience will stick to your blog

Your blog is like the newspaper to your Subscribed Audience. You serve news to them which are humorous, which they love to read. If you serve them valuable knowledge about their desired topic, Then they would love to subscribe to your blog and stick to your blog for forever.

They will read you Every new post .you write basically those post which your readers want. When you start writing about your audience then they will share all your post and do comments on it.

When you write for the Audience you Explain the content more clearly. Your content looks like crystal clear which anyone can understand it on single time reading.

This way your blog post will directly get liked by the SEO and Google. This is the benefit of focussing on Readership first than SEO.

2. You craft every idea into a Quality post. So the audience would love it.

A passionate blogger writes Every idea which comes to his mind and those ideas which are valuable for his Audience. He doesn’t do Keyword Research before crafting that idea into a blog post Because he knows he is writing for Audience even the fact that no one is searching that topic on google.

He writes these ideas to tell the Audience about Deep insight into blogging. Which no one other tells on Google. This way the Audience start trusting on his blog and stick to it for forever.

The newspaper like Times of India, The Economic times are so famous because of their huge readership. They have built their readership through hard work. They have built the readership by giving authentic news to Audience.

Now audience trust on them because of their readership. They know that this newspaper will maintain their readership and they continue giving valuable news to them.

Some news channel like Republic tv has become famous because of their Authentic news. Now all Audience like to see news on this channel because they genuinely trust on this channel. This newspaper and News channel have developed loyal Audience over a period of time.

The same thing happens in a blog, If you have a list of the subscribed audience then people would love to read your every new creative, valuable blog post.

Even this topic that” why readership is more important than SEO “No one searches it on google ” but still it is valuable for the Audience.

3. You build a community.

The ultimate benefit of building a readership is that you make a community. The community itself serves Valuable knowledge to your audience. In a community, all bloggers write and listen to their audience and solve their problems.

I genuinely like the community of shoutmeloud The best award-winning blog. Here at shoutmeloud, the community of shoutmeloud write for their Audience who want to become a successful blogger. All members of shoutmeloud community write those topics which when someone read their blog post then he can also become a successful blogger like them.

The motto of shoutmeloud is to make people successful blogger. when you read shoutmeloud post you will definitely learn something which will take you in the journey of becoming a successful blogger.

I have subscribed to the shoutmeloud community and I read New post daily on shoutmeloud. Instead of searching blogging related problems on Google get my problems sort out on shoutmeloud. This is the ultimate benefit of Building a Genuine Readership.

why you shouldn’t focus on SEO at starting.

1. You write for SEO, not for your Audience.

A new blogger when he gets to know about SEO then he starts doing more focus on SEO that is (Search engine optimization ). He just forgets about the audience first. He just writes Post which is SEO related.

Sometimes when a blogger gets the idea about a topic which no one is searching on google but still that topic is valuable for the Audience. The blogger simply doesn’t write it just because no one is searching on Google. By this way, the Audience becomes aware of the blogger and don’t stick to his blog because Audience knows that he is writing for Google, not for them.

2. It looks like a program –

When a person does more focus on SEO hence he uses keywords more and more over the content. Content looks like a program, suppose you have made a blog about “how to install WordPress cache plugin” and you want this post to be SEO oriented. what you do is you just write the keywords all over the content. your content looks like a program .you start writing more keywords over Quality Content. You start ignoring Quality over keywords. No one likes a blog post which looks like that it is made for only SEO, not for the Audience.

The content in this kind of blog post looks like that the blogger of that content not solving user’s problem rather he is solving search engines problem (SEO).

3. No one will stick to your blog.

You are more focusing on SEO oriented post. It looks like that you are not writing what your readers want. You are writing what just google wants.

This way no one will get subscribe to your blog, no one will read your new post. All bloggers write for their audience first then for SEO this way they build genuine readership which sticks to their post for forever.

The difference between writing post for SEO and writing for the Audience is when you write for SEO you sort out SEO problem not the user’s problem.

SEO( Search engine optimization) like the blog post which is written especially for the Audience.


It doesn’t mean that your Quality content cannot be optimized for SEO but the point is if you Too much consider SEO then it can derail you from your ultimate goal That is “Creating blog readership”

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