A story of tiger which says something..

This story is so inspirable.let me take back you in the story what happens in a story is that once a day a tigress went out for food. when she see that a huddle of deer are eating grass then she comes back to a position from where she can pounce in the herd silently .when she start pouncing then everyone in herd start running to get themself safe ..she see a calf of deer running slowly so she pounces on it and takes it to a place where she can eat it pleasantly.
But in the hurry of taking food she forgets that her own calf has been leaved within the herd of deer..so she becomes sad ..and the herd of deer upbrings the calf of tigress ..Day by day that calf start carries the properties of deer .This Calf of tigress becomes like deer .

Same situation happens again .

On a one day a lion goes in jungle in search of food when he see a herd of deer then he immediately pounces in the herd but he becomes amaze when he see that a calf of tigress is also running to get himself safe ..then he goes to him and takes him to a bank of river and say to him that you should look your face in the water . You are not a deer you are a 🦁 lion . when I pounced in the herd you shouldn’t have run . He teaches him roar and makes him courageous.

This small story tells big thing In short .

It matters that which kind of environment we have or we live with which kind of people .Are they spreading negative environment or positive environment..

From tomorrow I will Live the discipline life of Akshay Kumar..

Today when I was searching video of topic discipline then a suddenly a video came and that video was of Akshay Kumar .That is power of discipline .After watching that video I changed my mind and my daily routine .and I will follow the daily routine of akshay sir. This routine is something that which everyone should follow ..it was a mind changing video..

See what he says ..

When I started my career people used to say me that he just knows action ..I always believe that change is very important in everyone’s life …when anybody tries to put an image on me I have jumped to an another image .To be honest I have been myself .just been yourself is an extraordinary thing ..don’t run where else is running . make your own way and start following it . If no one comes then run alone .do something with yourself. something will definitely happen right. I have taken My work not as career .I have taken it as a passion. If somebody’s work becomes passion of his life then no body can stop him . If he follow his passion with closed eyes then still nobody can stop him .

I am waiting to get up In the morning ..from my childhood to till now there is no day gone when I have not seen sun rise. My routine start at 4 am and this is the only time between 4 and 5 am when I stay lonely ..This is the best time when I think of my day ..what I have to do. I always think positive in this one hour..After 5 am I go to gym and do exercise for 2 hours .It includes swimming also. I work 8 hours a day and this 8 hour is enough for everyone to work ..In this 8 hour i am on the set i don’t go away from set , i don’t go sit in my vanity van .I sleep at 9:30 ..I wonder that people in our country have problem of stomach. They are overweight .They don’t even get one hour to exercise ..Simple it’s in your hand your health is in your hand..your life is in your hand..

I am waiting to get up In the morning ..from my childhood to till now there is no day gone when I have not seen sun rise. My routine start at 4 am and this is the only time between 4 and 5 am when I stay lonely ..This is the best time when I think of my day ..what I have to do. I always think positive in this one hour..After 5 am I go to gym and do exercise for 2 hours .It includes swimming also. I work 8 hours a day and this 8 hour is enough for everyone to work ..In this 8 hour i am on the set i don’t go away from set , i don’t go sit in my vanity van .I sleep at 9:30 ..I wonder that people in our country have problem of stomach. They are overweight .They don’t even get one hour to exercise ..Simple it’s in your hand your health is in your hand..your life is in your hand..

His discipline life is that which makes anyone physically , mentally fit..he is an inspiration to today’s youth .

The real secret of success is to learn from the failures of other person.

Everyday we make mistakes because mistakes are the way to learn ..If a person is not doing mistakes it clearly indicates that he is not even trying ..I am giving example of mine I am an entrepreneur I learn from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs of my team .The benifit of learning from the mistakes of other is that when you learn from the mistakes of other then you don’t need to do hardwork because they have already done hardwork to make a simple path for you ..it’s like they have discovered a smart path for you and we need to just follow this path then we definitelly become a successful entrepreneur… Learning from the mistakes of your teammates,freinds is the effective way to transfrom yourself .The only important thing is learn from the mistakes of those person

1. who genuinely want to do something in life and are thriving for success .

2. learn from the mistakes of successful person.

3 .learn from the failures of those person who religiously following the process of getting success.


if you start learning from the person who have done nothing in life ,then you will not become successful .This are the people who spread negative environment to others and always demotivate others..this are the people who always say that I have abundance knownledge of it. so don’t do it and if you still do it then your life will be spoiled. In reality they even have not tried that opportunity which you want to do that’s why they are saying don’t do it..I can not became an entrepreneur if i had taken advice from this kind people.. Instead what I did is that I have taken advice from those person who actually are successful entrepreneurs .(Always learn from the mistakes of successful person..)

The way to become a artistic bold speaker.

The art of delivering a speech confidently with clarity that can mesmerize audience, this is what which everyone wants and this can be only develop by getting the experience of speaking .To become like a artistic bold speaker we have to get the experience otherwise we can not become a confident speaker… public speakers who speaks confidently also had faced the first experience . This first experience of every public speaker is consist of intimation,hesitation,thrembling , shivering,humiliation, nervousness and afraid.The first experience of every public speaker is all about intimation..

Advance Public speakers who had gone through this experiences can tell you about their first experience ..but the point is that this public speakers didn’t care about intimation, nervousness, thrembling..they had faced the first experience because they know if they don’t get the first experience then how will they become a better public speaker..they didn’t care about first experience they just continuing the process of getting experiences…now they became a advance public speaker..

So if we want to become a good public speaker .then we have to face this kind of experiences and if we are afraid of this experiences and afraid of people making laugh of us ,then just let them do their job that is laughing..and do your job of getting the first experience .

Nowadays everyone wants to become a good public speaker and wants to communicate like the advance speakers but at the same time they are also afraid of speaking or delivering a speech or even showing the business plan for the first time .. getting experiences is the only step of becoming a public speaker..

I believe in this phrase

Face your fear and your fear disappears.

Ya it’s true that fear can’t disappear until you face it.

If you guys believe that becoming a wonderful artistic confident speaker is impossible than you better know this can be possible it is possible because people have made it possible .Just face your wall of fear until it brokes .The other side of the wall your dream is waiting for you to come true . whatever you wish for or whatever you want to become is on the other side waiting for you . hit like a bull keep your eyes on the wall of fear and keep hitting the wall until it falls until it brokes …just keep hitting the wall. you may feel shiver ,you may feel thremble, you may feel nervousness, but keep hitting the wall,then your dream comes possible.. because it looks always impossible until it’s done and people have done it so why don’t we can do it .

Let’s do it.

You all know

All good speakers were bad speakers at first.

Consumer empowerment opportunity

Hii guys I am an entrepreneur …

I help people to full fill their dreams.

Let’s come to the fact .

Do you know guys in world 85 % people are doing job .and only 15 % people are doing bussiness ..

The fun fact is those people who are doing job actually wants to do business. But because of these three reasons they don’t do it…

1. Lack of knowledge

2. Fear of risk

3. Lack of investment

If we get the solution of these three reasons then everyone can gets all their desire things..

People don’t have any knowledge that what kind of business they should start.

They still are doing ordinary bussiness like opening a shop and make investment on it. They have lack of knowledge..and whereas smart people are doing business with smart ideas like reliance fresh,mc Donald ,Bata .

These are the people who are multiplying their work and time and earning billions of 💰 money.

Let’s take a example

If one of the reliance fresh gets closed then does it affect the earning of Mukesh Ambani .No, he will be earning the billions of money in despite of that closed shop. And he is still earning..

This is power of duplication.

But the only lack in this bussiness is only one people can duplicate their time and work , rest of people have to do work for him . Bata has opened the franchise and has multiplyed their time and work,but the person who has opened the shop can’t duplicate his work and time .so Bata is doing smart work but the worker is doing hard work .The earning of worker depends on shop .shop closed money closed . worker can not duplicate his time and work Because he has no money for investment but on the other side Bata has so much money for investment and has invested..

Now a question comes that is it possible that anyone can duplicate their time and work with no investment..

Wel the answer is yes ..

If you want anyone of this .

1. Extra income

2. Financial stability

3. Time freedom

4. helping people

5. personal development

6. recognition

7. To become a celebrity

8 .Interacting with new people

9 foreign trips

10 luxurious bungalow

Then this opportunity is for you…

Guys it’s time for revolution .Become a smart consumer , entrepreneur.

See it

Comment below your whatsup no.. if you are interested

Dear dairy you are my life partner…

Dear dairy off course no doubts to call you that you are my life partner .Though the today’s world are digitalized but I still like to write my thoughts,feelings with pen. I have learned to intrsopect myself because of you . I always keep you inside my bag because I know that some precious moments are unforgettable that’s why I always tell you and let you know about my happy day .. Whenever I write something inside you I feel happy that one day I will be laughing when I read this notes in future about myself…Dear diary everytime whenever I see you you makes my day happy…and that’s true that I have been improving myself with more awareness at the time when I start writing my day to day basis inside you and this is also true that I feel motivated when I share my day to day basis to you…..
So again no doubts to call you that you are my life partner…

Dusshera realistic thoughts…..

It was also difficult to become a ravan.

Ravan had arrogance but he also had regret…

Ravan had desires but also had patience…

Ravan had the power to kidnap sita but he also had taken the pledge that without permission he can’t touch a girl.

Sita was alive because of the power of ram but sita was sacred because of dignity of ravan..

Dear Ram ,

Ravan of your generation was good than today’s ravans.

Have you ever felt the sadness of ravan while burning ?what does he think while burning ?he must have asking the questions to the surrounded crowd that (who is ram in this crowd)….

Happy Dusshera to all …

How precious is trust?

Ya it is a 5 letter small word which we often use in our daily routine .This word seems simpler to use in everyday but it affects so powerful which comes either in positive or negative way …what’s happening in today’s life everyone is using it freely without taking care of it’s results..no one knows how precious is trust ..have you ever felt the pain when someone broke you trust ..ya it pains when someone don’t care about it ..we usually trust someone whom we knows deeply or whom we have shared everylittle thing to everybigger thing of our life ..but if the person don’t care about your trust then it really pains in heart ..Think about that person whom you have disclosed all your happiness , problems, sorrow before but now that person has crooked you. They didn’t care about your trust .. Exactly it pains..

A person can forgive someone for their mischief but not so stupid to trust him/her again and Sorry is not the excuse of breaking trust because sorry doesn’t work as a heart joiner..

Trust is not a word it is the soul connection of someone whom we knows ..trust someone whom you love whom around you feel safe whom you want to share happiness..The main thing before trusting someone make sure that he /she will do work in favour of you..

Everyone pretends that they are following the trust of someone but in reality they are not following. they just make us feel that we are trusting the right person …if you really trust someone than trust yourself then trust other..

Trust comes and goes so don’t get sad and just forget about it and start a new beginning of life …

Trust yourself first then someone other ..trust is the combination of time ,respect, understandibility, support, togetherness. ..so it’s not a word it is LIFE..

(At the end specially for lovers)😍😍

Quote 1😎

Hii freind’s I am feeling happy to share you that I have been nominated for quote challenge..It’s pleasure for me that someone has nominated me for this challenge… First let me thank Rageshree who has nominated me in this challenge..I have read all her blogs. I have found that the way she writes is so unique..she writes with creativity ..she is a passionate blogger. Do checkout her blogs.. Basically in this challenge I have to write 1 quote/day for 3 consecutive days .


1 Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog to your post.
2 Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
3 Nominate three new bloggers each day.

So in response of this challenge here is my first quote.😎


In all interviews, he had given all credit of his success to his teacher.

“Can i know the name of your teacher?” he was asked in one.

“Failure”, he had replied.


The conclusion-

Just because of mistakes don’t stop growing yourself..

A person who never does any mistake is the person who does nothing….

Doing mistakes is the mark of growing ….so don’t stop keep growing……..

Why does people find failure as a trouble why does they not find as a mark of improving….they have need to change their mindset….

On the first day, here I tag-

Rupali Jain